How Much Does LASIK Cost?

No matter the cost eye LASIK surgery is an unbeatable deal if you want to improve your vision. If you've been shopping around for LASIK cost comparisons, then you've probably noticed extreme variations in LASIK eye surgery prices. The cost of LASIK surgery varies depending on where you live, as well as which services and fees are included in your total LASIK eye surgery cost. Instead focusing on the financial cost eye LASIK surgery entails, we recommend focusing on the quality of service provided by each eye surgery provider. At Vision Tech Surgery we guarantee quality procedures conducted by experienced specialists. When figuring how much for LASIK surgery you'll spend, you'll find competitive rates when you consult with us.

Average LASIK eye surgery costs are as follows:

  • $2,105 when a single price is quoted.
  • $1,662 for non-customized LASIK using a bladed instrument and non-guided excimer lasers.
  • $2,341 for a complete laser procedure in which digital mapping of the eye helps guide the lasers.

LASIK may seem expensive, but consider that many people who undergo LASIK never experience the need to own glasses or contact lenses. For many people, the ability to go outside and see the world clearly without vision aids outweighs whatever cost eye LASIK surgery entails. Plus, the cost of buying glasses and contact lenses adds up over time. Even if the cost of eyeware doesn't exceed the cost of LASIK, getting the procedure done will save you a certain amount of money over time. People who undergo these procedures should remember that the best possible results are never guaranteed, and that some people still need glasses or contacts after undergoing LASIK. However, others never need corrective lenses again. The LASIK surgery cost may be expensive, but many people believe it's simply worth the risk.

When considering LASIK cost comparisons, make sure to pay close attention to exactly which services are being offered as well as how much for LASIK surgery each company is charging. Some LASIK procedures are advertised for prices as low as $499; however, upon closer review, you'll find those low price quotes usually cover just one eye, effectively doubling LASIK eye surgery prices. Some seemingly low quotes also leave out fees such as facility fees, medication fees or other costs routinely billed for surgeries -- these must be factored into your total LASIK surgery eye surgery cost. Also, surgeons who have more experience conducting LASIK eye surgery are much more likely to be charging a higher rate.

In short, if you come across a price quote for LASIK that seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Either that, or you run the risk of undergoing an eye surgery procedure at the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, effectively reducing the success rate of your procedure. Given that you're already paying a high LASIK surgery cost, we recommend avoiding the ultra-cheap providers to ensure you'll be cared for by a board-certified surgeon who can maximize the results of your procedure. Make sure to contact your insurance provider about possible LASIK converage before agreeing to service with any eye surgery provider.

At Vision Tech Surgery, you'll find our LASIK eye surgery prices to be competitive with other high-quality providers. Our surgeons are highly experienced, and some of our specialists have been in the business of laser eye surgery for as long as 15 years. In addition to having your procedure done right the first time, we do not charge our clients for follow-up appointments or LASIK surgery maintenance. Our LASIK surgery cost is fair, and you only need to pay us once. Contact us for a free consultation and to discuss our services and LASIK cost options.

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LASIK Benefits

  • LASIK improves overall vision
  • No limitation of peripheral vision
  • Can correct mild or moderate vision problems
  • Procedure is quick and painless
  • Payment plans available
  • Little follow-up required for most clients
  • Enjoy life without glasses